KOREA DeHUB Vacuum Pad Multi Hanger Bar Wall Mounted ABS Punch-free Shelf Multi-purpose Bars Hook

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KOREA DeHUB Vacuum Pad Multi Hanger Bar Wall Mounted ABS Punch-free Shelf Multi-purpose Bars Hook

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1. Space-saving. Easy to organize items to make the kitchen or bathroom neat and clean.
2. Punch-free. Easy to install, just affix the vacuum pad to the smooth wall. Then, insert the hanger into the holder base.
3. Convenient to use. Hang to organize, take to use, everything is very simple and convenient.
4. Super load-bearing. This hanger can be firmly attached to the wall, no drilling, no glue required.
5. Freely fixed. Can be mounted not only vertically but also horizontally on the wall to save space.
6. Adjustable hooks. The gap between the hooks can be adjusted to meet daily needs.
7. Adjustable holders. The holders can be slid.
8. Smooth edges. Comfortable to the touch.
9. Multi-purpose. Can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Easy to hang pans, spatulas, pan lids, towels, shower sponges, bags, hats, etc.

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Name: Vacuum Pad Multi Hanger Bar
Brand: DeHUB
Material: ABS/PVC/Plastic coated steel
Color: White
Dimension: As shown

How to use:
1. Clean and dry the desired area to be installed.
2. Insert the self-adhesive hanger into the shelf.
3. Tear off the protective film from the self-adhesive hanger.
4. Attach the whole hanger to the wall, then remove the hanger. (except for the holder base)
5. Press the base of the holder repeatedly until all air is removed.
6. Then insert the hanger into the holder base, the installation is complete, it is recommended to leave it for 24 hours to use.

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a 1-3 cm error. Make sure you don`t mind before ordering.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
3. Suitable for smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass, etc. Not suitable for wallpaper or painted walls.
4. It cannot be reused after attaching it once, so please decide carefully before attaching it.


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