Hand sanitizer (500ml+250ml) Rinse Free

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Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer (500ml+250ml) Rinse Free (Moisturizing And Ph:7) isopropyl Alcohol Disinfectant (kill 99.9% Bacterial)

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1. Hand Sanitizer to help reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause disease.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Disinfectant

3.Kill 99% of bacteria

4. Product from an ISO certified manufacturer(ISO:14001: 2015 & UKAS Management Systems)

5. Moisturizing, Does not evaporate too quickly

6. Odourless within 2 years

7. PH: 7 balanced sanitizer, Non-corrosive

8. Type:Liquid

9. Capacity:250ml (Spray) x1 bottle + 500ml (Screw Cap) x1 bottle

10. Made in singapore.

11. Dimension:20x14x7cm

12. Caution:For external use only.

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Product harmful if swallowed. Contact physician immediately.

If contact with eye, flush with clear water for 15 minutes and consult physician immediately.

Please skin test before use.

FAQ: Difference in weight:Alochol is lighter than water 1 Litre of Isopropyl Alcohol weighs around 0.79 kg on the weighing scale.


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