Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush Long Handle 2 In 1 Bristles Sponge Pot Cleaning Tool

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Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush Long Handle 2 In 1 Bristles Sponge Pot Cleaning Tool

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1. Double-headed design, the bristles head is used to remove grease or sticky dirt while the sponge head is suitable for absorbing water and foam.
2. Spray liquid design, after pressing, the liquid detergents in the brush will be sprayed out.
3. Long handle, comfortable to grip, and protect your hands from injury.
4. Refillable, the visible design allows you to replenish dish wash or detergent when necessary.
5. Multifunction, is ideal for cleaning tiles, sinks, bowls, pots, plates, and more.
6. Scraper design, easy to scrape the sticky stubborn and stain.
7. Hanging hole, easy to hang it after using.
8. Easy to clean, rinse with water to remove oil stains easily.
9. 2 types and 2 colors available.

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Name: Multifunction Spray Cleaning Brush
Material: PP+TPR+PS+PBT+Sponge
Type: Double-headed/Single-headed
Color: Grey/Yellow
Size: 26*3.2*4.5cm/24*3.2*4.6cm

Installation and use:
1. Insert the handle into the brush head.
2. Press and hold the buckle on the back of the brush head and push up.
3. Unscrew the part at the end of the handle and pour the cleaner into the reservoir tube.
4. Once tightened, press the button to use.

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3 cm error. Make sure you don`t mind before ordering.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 


Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-1Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-2Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-3Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-4Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-5Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-6Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-7Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-8Multifunction Spray Cleaning Refillable Brush-9

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