Buckwheat Pillow Infant Pillow Position Correction Flat Head Prevention

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Cartoon Buckwheat Kid Pillow Infant Pillows Position Correction Flat Head Prevention

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  1. Improve sleep quality.
  2. Good breathability & absorb sweat, sleep quietly & not stuffy.
  3. Natural buckwheat husk, good fluidity & high plasticity.
  4. High-quality linen cloth, easy to wash, and durable.
  5. Fit the head evenly, ensure that kid's head develops normally.
  6. Accelerate blood circulation.


  • Name: Cartoon buckwheat pillow
  • Material: Linen/Polyester fabric
  • Inner filling: Buckwheat
  • Size: 56*26*4cm(M), 44*21*3.5cm(S)
  • Style: Bear/tiger/cat

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